Festival of Trees


Information for Floor Tree Designers

Click here to visit our main designer page, where you can find information on applying to be a designer as well as the 2023 Designer Information Package and contracts.

A special thank you to our 2022 Tree Judges!

Cathy Metry – Metry Interiors
Heather Lorincz
Emily Dwyer – Dwyer Designs

Presenting our 2023 Floor Tree Designers!

Carol & Carrie Abdelnour, Charles Boes (7ft Full)
Brenda Barr and Hope Morawa (7ft Full, 7ft Slim)
Tricia Baal (5ft)
Jymmie Bousson, Vicki Shock (7ft Full)
Timothy Dowdall (Two 7ft Full)
Paula Duffy (7ft Slim)
Mary Clare Duran (5ft)
Judy Gardner & Nancy Garey (5ft)
Karen Gates – Blooms & Bedazzle (7ft Slim, 5ft)
The Gentner/Gilmore Girls & Advantage One Credit Union (7ft Slim, 5ft)
Debbie Goetsch (Design Assistance)
Melia Howard – The “B” Movie Museum (5ft)
Laura Joyce (7ft Slim, Two 5ft)
Scott Killingbeck (7ft Full, 7ft Slim, 5ft)
Donald & Georgianna Wirth King (7ft Slim)
Kathy Krisciunas and Barb Wagner (7ft Full)
Elizabeth Martin – Elegant Designs by Elizabeth (7ft Slim)
Cheryl McNamara (Two 7ft Slim, Two 5ft)
Marion Oosthoek – Oosthoek Physical Therapy (7ft Full)
Jerry Osterkamp and Jonda Schwab (Two 7ft Full)
Beverly J. Palise (7ft Full, Money Tree)
Pat Pohlman & Deb Latin – Pat’s Potpourri & Latin Unlimited (7ft Full)
Marcia Pittel Preston (7ft Full)
Jim Skuta & Dolores Mowers (7ft Full)
Monica Spatafora (Two 7ft Full, Three 5ft)
Cody, Nina, Aiden, Sam & Chloe – Sheri Snider, DDS (7ft Slim)
Sharon Wourman – Messenger Soul Of An Angel (Two 7ft Full)
Wendy Stolzenfeld – English Gardens (7ft Full)
Jerry Baker – The Ark Association (7ft Slim)
Donna Cyrbok (Two 7ft Full, Two 5ft)
Terri David – Terri David Designs (Two 7ft Slim)
Sarah and Steve Ford (7ft Slim)
JoAnne and Emily Kwasnik – The Ark Association (7ft Slim)
Barbara Kwiatkowski – Periodontic & Implantology Associates (7ft Full)
Jerome Raska & Robbin Yelverton – Holly Antiques & Creative Fashion Holly (7ft Full)
Monica Ann Spatafora & Sharon Bollenberg (5ft)
Carolyn Vaughan (7ft Full)
Jennifer Stolzenfeld & Shelley Stevens (English Gardens)

Thank you to our 2022 Floor Tree Designers!

Brenda Barr and Hope Morawa (7ft Slim, 5ft)
Dr. Sue Cabadas (7ft Full)
Barbara L. Derby (5ft)
Mark Fisher
Karen Gates and Antoinette Gulley – The Ark Association (7ft Slim)
Christy Opalka (5ft)