Festival of Trees


Executive Committee

Led by the Executive Director, the Executive Committee oversees the day-to-day operations of Festival of Trees, taking care of the regular activities that turn the directives of the board into action. Each committee member leads a team of volunteers who carry out the mission of the organization throughout the year, especially during the annual holiday event.

Theresa Diefenbach – Director, Administration

Scott Killingbeck – President, Event Planning, Friendship Ornaments

Anina Bachrach – Vice President, Program Ads

David Schneck – Vice President, Webmaster, Social Media, Raffles
Ben Bachrach – Webmaster

Jill Lezotte-Kates – Secretary, Pastry Donations, Gift Shop
Charlene Iszak – Gift Shop
Julie Marcy – Gift Shop
Alan Josephson – Gift Shop

Martha Polakowski – Board Member, Tree Delivery
Tricia Baal – Tree Delivery
Dr. Sue Cabadas – Tree Delivery

Kimberly Schneck – Board Member, Childrens’ Activities

Laura Joyce – Auction, Tree Designers, Prize Raffle
Cheryl McNamara – Tree Designers

Jennifer Ribby – Volunteers

Lenard Diefenbach – Site Management

Denise McDonald – Gingerbread Village, Wreaths, Tabletop Trees & Centerpieces
Therese Worniak – Wreaths, Tabletop Trees & Centerpieces

Beverly J. Palise – Money and Toy Trees

Debra Goetsch – Signage